Albi – Pellets Table Heater

Albi- Tavolino a Pellet



Albi is the most technological and convenient solution that the Italian industry offers us.
A product with a refined design designed to heat up our moments of pleasure around a table in a healthy and economical way. The refinement of the materials, the pellet technology and the certifications in terms of safety … make Albi the top of its industry.


Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in pyrolysis heaters that allows the fire to be extinguished directly. The fire can be extinguished in two ways, either by simply letting the pellets finish burning in the combustion chamber, or simply with water, although when extinguished with water, the pellets naturally get wet and cannot be re-ignited. (this last operation is totally not recommended because it generates smoke and cleaning of the combustion chamber) Alternatively, it is possible to use a smaller quantity of pellets, which involves a shorter combustion time and a longer time for pyrolysis to occur. you know in advance how long the fire should burn approximately, you can adjust the pellet load, i.e. fill fewer pellets. Therefore, if you do not want to burn the pellets unnecessarily, it is certainly more reasonable to vary the filling quantity.

Our heaters are delivered so that they are practically ready for use – no complicated assembly work is required. In the case of the mushroom the body and the upper part are packed together to further facilitate assembly.

Our heaters create a CO2 neutral, cozy and warm environment. The heaters emit heat, which is particularly noticeable when standing right next to it. The thermographs detect thermal power translated into about 10-11 KW. In particular, this means that the heat is perceptible up to one and a half meters around the stove.

Turning on the heaters is done in one minute, fill the central tank with about 8 kg of pellets; knock the tank towards the ground to make sure that the pellets are well compressed; place some ecological firelighters and light with a lighter. Put the stainless steel plate; the glass and the grill .Position the fan to the maximum in order to give the correct ventilation in order to perfect the pyrolytic process. The flame will be visible in a stable way after about 15/20 minutes. At this point the heaters provide at least 4 hours of continuous flame fire and at least another 3 hours of fire in the combustion chamber without any other intervention.

It is possible to install the heaters for external use.
They can be placed in covered outdoor spaces without problems keeping about one meter away upwards, one meter away at the sides
The heaters produce no smoke, but oxygen is still converted and a supply of fresh air must be ensured .; therefore, if positioned under gazebos, verandas or similar solutions, it is recommended to always keep one side open so that there is air circulation.

Yes, it is possible by placing any protective plate.

The stainless steel container holds up to about 8 kg of pellets: with this, the Albi and Spritz model heaters remain in operation for 4 hours with a yellow flame. As soon as the visible flame goes out, there are still embers in the combustion chamber which heat up for another 3 hours. Before refilling the pellets, the stove must cool down; this is essential for smoke-free operation. No fuel can be added during this period.

Yes, our heaters are made of stainless steel. As a result, they can also be left outside all year round. However, you should avoid using the heaters in bad weather and / or heavy rain. Should an unexpected thunderstorm occur, necessary safety measures must be taken, such as placing heaters under a covered area and maintaining a safe distance. adeguata

If the pyrolysis process is completed in its entirety, the tank can be emptied every 2/3 uses: The residual ash is a handful of dust. About 25 grams

The internal tank can be cleaned with a brush or broom of adequate size; the correct cleaning allows to free the internal holes that guarantee the correct circulation of the air.

Yes, they can also be used without glass and grill but not with windy weather

The base frame is made of high quality stainless steel, The top is made of stainless steel; the temperature-resistant borosilicate glass.

The package includes fireproof gloves and a cleaning brush.

Entirely produced and assembled in factories located in Veneto.

A light will indicate when the battery is low and requires charging. Ideally every 48 hours.

Un potenziometro permette di regolare la velocità della ventola.
Si consiglia di tenerla sempre verso il massimo.

If the fan is turned off, smoke is produced.